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What to pack

As a girly girl I know I feel my best when I look my best, which can be difficult to do in 30 degree heat and only enough space in your backpack for a few key items of clothes. When I go on holiday I usually pack my suitcase full and use half of his for the rest of my clothes! But...I love a challenge so here is my list of essential clothes so far for the feminine backpacker.

2-3 basic scoop neck tshirt with 3/4 arms. One in black, white and any colour in between. These are super cheap to buy and will go with pants and skirts alike.

Pair these with 2-3 knee length skirts, preferably patterned as the basic tops are block colours. These skirts with the tshirts are a great combo, paired with pretty sandals this look is so feminine, good in the heat and also culturally acceptable:- in certain areas of Thailand and Cambodia it is best to have the tops of your arms and knees covered, particularly if you want to visit the temples. They also transfer so easy from day to night wear, dress this outfit up by changing into some sparkly sandals/gladiators and add a girly waist belt and your good to go in under 2 minutes!

2 day dresses. A pretty floral dress that makes you feel feminine and comfortable. I'm taking my trusty black leggings underneath mine as my favourite ones are too short for comfort . I'm also taking one light and one dark cardigan to match in case i need some arm coverage quickly for an impromptu temple visit.

1 pair of shorts. Just to wear on the beach mainly, paired with a basic tank top (I'm taking 1-2)

1 pair of pants. For jungle trekking. Paired with shoes and socks to keep leeches at bay and paired with one of the above tops.

1 pretty white shirt. This can be worn during the day but can also dress up your pants nicely for an evening with your sparkly sandals :)

1 maxi dress. For that extra glamour when a night out demands it!

As mentioned above I'm taking one pair of sturdy shoes for walking in the jungle areas, one pair of comfortable but feminine sandals For the daytime and a pair of sparkly gladiators for the nights. I'm also debating some pretty ballet flats as I know some restaurants and clubs can turn you away in sandals.

Finally...underwear. I'm keeping it simple by taking 7 pairs of knickers. 1 strapless bra for the maxi dress and 3 bikinis. Bikini tops work fine as bras to save you more precious space in that backpack. However remember to coordinate your colours! A black bikini under a white tshirt is a big no-no!

So here's my list : -
3-5 tops
2-3 skirts
2 day dresses
2 cardigans
1 shorts
1 pants
1 white shirt
1 maxi dress
1 waist belt
3 sandals/shoes
1 socks
7 knickers
1 bra
3 bikinis

Remember the key is to pick things you can mix and match to create different looks...and a good pair of sunglasses can glam up any outfit! Also don't forget your basic make-up kit. Just because you're roughing it in hostel doesn't mean you can't take 5 minutes to look fabulous. Here's what's in my travel beauty bag :-

1 mini brush
Plenty of bobby pins and bobbles
Dry shampoo and a mini hairspray
Black gel eyeliner
Blush and a mini brush to apply it
Clear lipgloss for the day
Tweezers - do not forget these!!

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Booking trips and ideas for Thailand

So excited! Booked a tour at the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand with the Elephant bathing in the afternoon. Its a very controversial place to go as some people feel that the tigers are mistreated. We felt that we wanted to see for ourselves to decide and i will post the outcome of what i think when we have been.

Decided to book our tour with a company called Tour with Tong as it has had some very good reviews, here's the link:-

Tour with Tong Reviews

Here's a few tour pictures...see what you think! I would love to hear of anybody who has done this tour or similar. Also any recommendations on what else is worth a look in Northern Thailand on our first leg of the journey.





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3 months to go and so much to do!

Beginning a blog.

rain 0 °C

So excited my first backpacking trip! Me and Andi (the hunk of a boyfriend ;P) have wangled a month off work to go see a bit of the world. Here's our itinerary : -

Newcastle, to Thailand (Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Lobpuri)
overland to Cambodia (Siem Reap, Phnom Phen)
flying to Malaysia (Kuala lumpar)
back to Thailand (Krabi and islands)
then into Borneo (Sabah.....and finally a few night in Hong Kong before flying home :)

At 27 years old i'm feeling the dreaded loom of my thirties and i'm desperate to get a little bit of adventure before i reach it! As is always the case with life it has got in the way of this dream, mortgages, university, marriage, divorce, death of loved ones and full time work all ate into the days, months and years of my time in my twenties....then i met Andi. So relaxed he is almost horizontal! He has the amazing ability to make everything seem okay and pushes me to go for what i love to do in life. He fell in love with South East Asia after previous trips and knew of my dream to see the world, so we just went for it! Probably not the best timing to book a holiday as we had just bought a house and had no furniture to speak of, but hey! waiting for the 'right time' to arrive gets you nowhere in life. I think being on such a tight budget for the trip is going to add to the excitement of it all (at least i hope it will)...we have £60 a day (with extra for a temple pass each in cambodia) between the 2 of us for accomodation, food and fun!

I have been ready for the big trip for almost a year now, happy in the knowledge that things are slowly getting ticked off the 'to do list'.
Flights booked and paid...check
New passport received...check
Backpacks bought....check
Tiger temple tour booked...check

and probably the most important thing on the list...make sure you've made another list so you know what you need to take......check.

This is where i'm struggling. I have no clue what to take with me! I think i better do some research and take some advice on this...i'll post later with a list of what i've decided to pack. In the mean time i'm off to find out what injection we will need before we go! yikes!

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